Elementor Theme Builder-Build Your Own WordPress Website Without Coding

Elementor Theme Builder: Build Your Own WordPress Website Without Coding

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Elementor has changed the trends of WordPress Page Builders. Previously we used the builders that worked in the backend, and we could not see what it was building in the front-end. But Elementor thought about it differently. It brought the drag and drop page builder, which changed the game.

And again, Elementor introduced us to another game-changing feature of their builder. It is the theme builder. So now, you can build your WordPress website with the theme builder, and you don’t have to depend on any theme.

Elementor Theme Builder- A short intro

If you use a theme to change the look of your website, you’ll find that you have many limits. Modern WordPress themes have more customization choices; however, it would be ideal if you could completely alter every aspect of your website.

Using a theme builder like Elementor Theme Builder allows you to completely change every aspect of your website in a visual way. You may customize layouts, elements, colors, typographies, and behaviors, among other things. Everything is done by dragging and dropping.

You may even use the display condition to specify where to apply the custom template. In other words, you can have several elements (for example, headers) on the same website.

Remarkable features of Elementor Theme Builder

There are some excellent features in the Elementor Theme Builder, which will take your experience with WordPress to another level. Elementor Theme builder gives you the liberty to customize every single section of your website.

To use theme builder in Elementor, you need the Elementor Pro Version. So upgrade your Elementor to the pro version to get this excellent feature.

Let’s have an overview of some of the most remarkable features of Elementor Theme Builder.

Create Your Header:

Elementor Theme Builder - Header Library

With Elementor Theme Builder, you can create your custom header template, and it will replace the default header of your website. You can even create different headers for different pages. So, for example, if you want to show a different header for the shop page of your website, you can do it via the theme builder. And most importantly, you will not have to write a single line of code to do that.

You can add as many elements as you need via the Elementor drag and drop system. Also, you can import ready-made headers from Elementor Library and customize those as per your need. You can control the mobile device behavior of the header by selecting the device type, and you can see the outcome in the builder itself

Create Custom Footer:

Elementor Theme Builder - Footer Library
You can create a custom footer for your website and create a page-specific custom footer for your website. The footer will replace the default footer of your website. Same as the header, you can import a pre-made footer from the Elementor Library and customize it with Elementor elements.

Single Post Template Customization:

Elementor Theme Builder - Single Post

If you are familiar with WordPress theme development, you know that a single blog post takes the layout from the single.php file. And to customize the structure, you need to know PHP and HTML. But to make it look like the layout you have in mind will take some time. But with Elementor Theme Builder, you can now create your own custom single post template with ease.

You can customize each element of a template. You can set a different layout. For example, you can build a fantastic blog post layout with a mixture of static and dynamic content.

You can control how the related posts will look like and from where the posts will be shown.

And here also, you can import the layout from the Elementor Library and customize it. When you assign a custom single post template, you can decide on which conditions the template will be applied:

In the single post template, you can use:

Custom Page Template Creation:

Blog posts and pages are the default content types of WordPress websites. However, you can create a custom page template and assign that to any page.

Create Archive Pages:

Archive pages are most common in a WordPress website. For example, categories page, Tags page, Authors Page; those are Archives pages of WordPress website. You can control the look or even can create a custom archive page for any type.

Custom Post Type Custom Template:

Elementor Theme Builder - Single Post

Let’s think that you are trying to build a real estate website. You want your property type to follow a specific layout, like how other real estate websites show their property. But you don’t want to use a real estate theme. In this case, you can follow the below steps to create the layout for your custom post type:

You can also create a custom archive for the custom post type as you do for the Archive pages.

Create custom WooCommerce Product Page:

Elementor Theme Builder

People often think that the WooCommerce single page is too simple, and they want to customize it. But again, you need to code so that you can customize the single product page. With Elementor Theme Builder, you can create a custom WooCommerce single product page without any coding.

You can select from the WooCommerce Widgets available to create the custom WooCommerce Single product page.

Custom Product Archive Page Creation:

Elementor Theme Builder - Product Archive
WooCommerce enabled themes have a default template for the product archive page. But with Elementor Theme Builder, you can create a new product archive template for WooCommerce.

Create Custom Shop Page for WooCommerce:

Elementor Theme Builder - WooCommerce Widget

You can create a custom shop page for WooCommerce with Elementor Theme Builder. First, you need to create a new template for the shop page with the appearance you have in mind or need and then set it as a default one from the display condition.

Custom Search Result Page Creation:

Elementor Theme Builder - Search
Don’t you like the outlook of your search result page? No issues. Elementor Theme Builder has the option to redesign and control your search result page. All you need to do is create a custom template for the search page.

Custom 404 Page Creation:

404 is an error page. It is shown when the URL is not found on your website. You can create a template for the 404 page and set it as the default one from the display condition. Also, you can import from the Elementor Library. Also, you can use extra addons like JetElements, JetMenu, Ultimate Addons for Elementor to do more with Elementor.

Final Words

So as far as we can see, Elementor Theme Builder is the game-changer. You don’t need to depend on the theme to create a dynamic website. So we can say Elementor is theme independent and all-in-one builder plugin that you must-have for your WordPress website.


Get your own copy of Elementor Pro now and explore the awesome theme builder.


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1 year ago

That was an informative article. By reading the article, I get know the power of Elementor Pro and it’s theme builder.

Thank you for the article and I am going to upgrade to Elementor Pro 🙂